Pollyanna, a young orphan, learned to be happy and glad in difficult situations with "the glad game", a trick her father taught her to find something good in every circumstance. Our story begins when Pollyanna goes to live with her wealthy Aunt Polly, a lady with a fondness for duty and order. Soon Pollyanna's cheerfulness has spread and most of the town begins to play the game with her. But when Pollyanna is the victim of a terrible accident we are left wondering if Aunt Polly be able to put her past to rest and play the glad game? Will Jimmy Bean ever find a family? Will Pollyanna ever be glad again?

The cast worked diligently to memorize lines, run scenes, and make the sets and costumes, in this, their third production, Pollyanna, based on the book by Eleanor Porter.

"So you see, dear, it's just you that have done it. The whole town is playing the game, and the whole town is wonderfully happier--and all because of one little girl who taught the people a new game, and how to play it." - Aunt Polly